How To Search Free Keywords In Google

How to search free keywords? Are you a blogger or a content writer? Or you want to become a content writer. But you are always worried about keywords. Because beginners can’t afford paid keyword research tools. That’s why most people can’t start content writing.

But in this post, I can tell you how to search free keywords without spending a penny. And In this post, you can also get ideas about how to find topics for yourself for free.

As you know most popular keyword research tools are very expensive. And dubiously beginners can’t afford these expensive keyword research tools. But you can also find free keyword research tools online.

There is also a problem with which free keyword research tool is a good keyword research tool. So in this post, I can also tell you the best free keyword research tools for yourself. Stick with me and make your content writer’s journey easy.

How To Search Free Keywords Step-By-Step

Before finding keywords. You need to understand the concept of keyword research. And article writing, like how to write a blog. So can tell you my strategy. how I can search free keywords for my niche. So let’s start step by step.

Find Your Niche

Before searching for free keywords. You need to set your niche. Like what you want to write about. Or what type of knowledge do you have to share with your users? Then you have to write content regarding your niche. Your all content will be around your niche.

what is the meaning of niche?

If you go out from your niche. Then there is no chance of ranking on google with your article. So you need to keep in mind what is your niche.

What Is The Meaning Of Niche?

Most people are confused about niches. They can’t understand what is niche. So I can tell you in a simple way what is niche.

The “niche” of a blog is its primary subject of focus. It could be about anything, from fashion to technology to food.
They can be personal or business blogs.

The content will most likely meet the needs of anyone who is interested in the subject. A niche blog should also provide useful information to the readers it serves.

For Example: If you want to write content about “traveling”. So “traveling” become your “niche”. And now you have to write content about traveling. Now you can’t write about “Digital marketing”. Because digital marketing is out of your niche.

Keywords From Google

Now the first way to search for free keywords is to google itself. Because google always tells us what is trending right now. What are people searching for?

keyword from google

So you can pick ideas from google. what type of content you should write. And what keyword is showing on google? But there is a problem. If you are a beginner. So you can’t rank on high-searching keywords. You need to find low competition keyword or keywords who doesn’t have content yet.

How can you find these types of keywords that don’t have content on google? Or low completion keywords. And for this, you don’t need keyword research tools. I can tell you the best method to find free keywords from scratch.

Asking Questions From Google

So what you should do to search for free keywords? First of all, go to google. And then write your niche. For example, Your niche is a traveling niche.

So go to google and type traveling. And now you can see the suggestions down below from google. What are people searching for regarding this keyword?

search free keyword

Now you need to make your keyword a question. How can you make your keyword a question? You just need to type “what” “can” “Which” and so on. And you can see the best keywords or queries. What are people searching for?

search free keywords

Find, your Questions Have Answer Or Not

And now you need to open one question and find content regarding your question. If your question has no content or less content. So you can write content regarding this question.

search free keywords

Or if you find quora, Reddit, or any social media on search results. So you can definitely write content about your question. If you do that. There is a high chance to rank your article on google.

Because google doesn’t have any other choice but to rank your article. So with this method, you can rank your articles on google. And this is the best way to find searching keywords for free.

So this is the answer to your question about how to search free keywords. Now down below I can provide you with the best free keyword research tools.

More Ways To Search Free Keywords

Now there are more ways to search free keywords. I personally like only two ways to search free keywords. The first one is extensions. And the second one is free keyword research tools.

So let’s start with keyword-finding extensions.

Keyword Research Extension

So here are some keyword research extensions. you need to add these extensions to your browsers. And then they can provide or give you keyword suggestions. If you search for something on google. So they can give you more ideas about your search.

Free Keyword Research Tools

If you want free keyword research tools. So now I can give you the best ideas about free keyword research tools. If you want full detailed content about keyword research tools, Click Here. So let’s start the list of free keyword research tools.

So these are free keyword research tools. If you want full detail about these free keyword research tools. So you should read Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Beginners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a keyword cost on Google?

On the Search Network, the average cost per click in Google Ads is between $2 and $4. On the Display Network, the average cost per click is less than $1. The most expensive Google Ads and Bing Ads keywords cost $50 or more per click.

Does Google have a keyword search?

Google’s keyword research tool provides information on how frequently specific words are searched and how those searches have changed over time. This can assist you in narrowing down your keyword list to the ones you really want.

Which Google tool is used for keyword research?

Google Keyword Planner is a straightforward keyword tool with a few basic features. Despite its lack of functionality, it is one of the most accurate sources of keyword data available on the market.

How do I find the keyword cost-per-click?

CPC is determined by separating the all-out cost of your snaps by the absolute number of snaps. Your typical CPC depends on your real expense per click (genuine CPC), which is the genuine sum you’re charged for a tick on your promotion. Note that your typical CPC may be unique in relation to your most extreme expense per click.

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