How To Increase Website Traffic In 2023

Last year my traffic was around 59000 visitors per month. This year in 2022 my traffic hits around 114,658 per month. I double my website traffic. How I will do that? simply by following these special techniques of how to increase website traffic in 2023.

These techniques are my personal techniques. And I personally use and am going to use these techniques to increase my website traffic in 2023. If you try these techniques on your website to increase your website traffic in 2023. You will get positive results with these traffic-boosting techniques. If you want to learn to blog. So you should also read, The Ultimate Guide To Blogging | Why Your Blogging Is Missing The Mark

Most people asking questions about how to increase website traffic in 2023. So now you have to read this post. And after that, you have to implement these ideas on your website to get more traffic on your website.

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How To Increase Website Traffic In 2023 (Basic)

Before my special techniques. You need to know to basics of how can you increase website traffic in 2023. These basics are the most common things to do for increasing website traffic.

  • Create interesting and informative material that your target audience will find useful and share with others through content marketing.
  • On-page SEO: Ensure that your website is optimized for important keywords and phrases in order to rank high in search engine results.
  • Off-page SEO: Create high-quality backlinks to your website from other credible websites in order to boost your authority and search engine rating.
  • Social media marketing entails utilizing social media platforms to promote your website and interact with your target audience.
  • To boost traffic to your website, create an email list and send frequent newsletters or promotional emails to your subscribers.
  • Paid advertising: To reach a larger audience, consider employing paid advertising strategies such as Google AdWords or social network advertising.
  • Local SEO: Optimize your website for local search so that people in your region may discover you more easily.
  • User experience: Improve your website’s user experience to boost the probability that visitors will remain and explore your content.
  • Influencer marketing entails collaborating with industry influencers to promote your website and products to their following.
  • Mobile optimization: Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly in order to reach consumers on smartphones and tablets.

How To Increase Website Traffic In 2023 With These Simple Tips

If you are a blogger or a content writer. So definitely you have a website and you want to increase your website traffic on your website. And you should have a question on your mind that how to increase website traffic. or how can I increase website traffic in 2023? Because making a website is easy, and getting real organic traffic is a very difficult task.

So you should follow these traffic-boosting techniques. And you can definitely increase your website traffic in a couple of weeks.

Quick Wins

Quick wins are to find keywords you are ranking on google. So you have to find these keywords and you have to push these keywords to rank on top of Google. You just need to change some SEO and little more effort. And then you can rank your keyword or page on top of google search results.

Easy Breaks

Easy breaks. It’s like 0 competition keywords. And now you have a question on your mind about how to find these types of keywords. Let me share with you two tactics.

  • The first one is to find keywords where google shows websites like quora, Reddit, and forums on top results. That means this keyword is the opportunity to rank on google
  • And the second one is competitor analysis. Put your competitor’s website in any keyword tool, like ubersuggest, semrush, and SEO analyzer. Any keyword tool and search for keywords with low competition. And difficulty.

I do that and I have a big list for myself to rank these keywords in 2023. And I am sure that I can rank on top of google with these low-difficulty keywords. And you can do the same also. If you are a beginner. So you should also read Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Beginners

LLPs (Long List Post)

What about LLPs? This means long list posts, It simply crafting a blog post where you mention and list almost. Every aspect of a certain topic. It is not a guide it is a lost and long list. You just need to a list of something that you can teach or tell on your blog. Somehow it is very easy to create and it will give you value in your content and traffic on your website.

Traffic Explosion Version To Increase Website Traffic In 2023

Traffic explosion version. These ideas need to be created in a full course. But in this post, I can tell you in a short way. I can create a full post for you after some time. But now you just need to understand what is this traffic explosion.

increase website traffic

For example. You are referring your reader to a medium story. And in the medium story, you are linking to a youtube video. And from youtube videos. You are linking to a TikTok video or an Instagram reel. And with this, you can spread your content on social media, and then you can get huge traffic with these social media platforms.

It’s better to find the platforms that fit your audience and your content and your style and your business. In my case, I have to focus on mainly four platforms.


Quora, in quora I answer one or two questions a week. And I can get more than 300k visitors per month. As you know quora are one of the best platforms to get huge website traffic.

If you have a website. So you have to create an account on quora and give some answers to the questions. And you can get visitors on your quora account. After that, you can use quora to get traffic to your website.


The second platform is medium. In a medium, I can get up to 22000 views per month. With a medium, I can write posts related to my website posts, and then I can get traffic to my website with the help of a medium. So you have to try medium. Because the medium is a great platform.


The third one is Pinterest. You just have to make infographics. Regarding your post. And you just need to create a Pinterest pin. And you can get huge traffic on Pinterest. I get up to 23k views per month on Pinterest. And with the help of Pinterest and can get up to 20k visitors on my website per month.


And the last one is Reddit. As you know Reddit is the biggest social media platform. So you just need to create your account on Reddit and then you have to create a community to get traffic on your Reddit community and on your website.

Magnetic Resource

Magnetic resource. Forget about building backings. Writing a blog post every week. Just create a magnetic resource. 1 magnetic resource will help you get 100 thousands of backlinks. Did you hear about chat GPT? It is an AI bot. that can help you with almost anything. In some cases, it can take over google. 7 AI Content Writing Tools That Will Help You Write Better, Faster, and More Consistently

Forget about writing about content. We have AI today that can answer almost any question. It would help if you created some special, that can get people’s attention. Like what, let me tell you the main 2 examples. These two examples are case studies and data studies.

Case Studies / Data Studies

You don’t need to be an expert to do this. Let’s say you decide to learn programming in 2023 and any other course. You can simply document your journey and why you are learning this new skill. And share this journey with people. People love to study real things or real case studies. And data study is a big hidden treasure. If you want to grow in 2023 you have to think about data studies.

Let me tell you an example. I am studying 100 of thousand google search results. With a lot of matrics. More than 16 matrics and then analyze this data. And then I start picking what is the best mattress to rank on google. It’s like hacking Google algorithms and reverse-generating them. It’s super important, results based on real data this what people need in the future. Not just writing and optimizing SEO.

Forget about this, and do real case studies and real data studies. This is a magnetic resource. In this post, I am talking about planning. You need to plan your new year and next year. I do this, I plan my every year and can get what I want.

Last year my target is getting 500k pageviews on my blog post on another website. And get it. This year my target is to get up to 5m pageviews on my websites. And I am sure I can earn this target too.

So you should plan your year too. And I am sure you can earn a good amount of money with your online. Business. If you don’t have an online business. Set up a plan and create your online business to generate passive income online.    

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bring more traffic to my website?
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords. This might assist you in attracting more organic visitors from search engines such as Google.
  • Paid advertising: Using paid ads on search engines or social media platforms to drive visitors to your website can also be successful.
  • Marketing on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may help you interact with potential consumers and boost traffic to your website.
  • Material marketing: Creating high-quality, useful content may help your site attract visitors. You may attract people back to your website by promoting your content on social media, email marketing, and other means.
  • Building an email list and delivering newsletters or promotional emails to your list can assist boost visitors to your website.

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