How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Social Media?

Are you thinking of starting affiliate marketing? But you don’t have money to start affiliate marketing. So in this post, I can tell you the best way to do or start affiliate marketing with social media platforms.

When I started affiliate marketing, I started with 0 experience and 0 investment. And with this, I Made a very good amount of money. I Made up to $500 per month doing affiliate marketing with social media and free blogging platforms. It just needs effort and you can start earning through your social media platforms.

But in this post, I can tell you the best way to start affiliate marketing only with social media platforms. So Without wasting our time. Let’s start out topic. And start affiliate marketing with social media. If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing. So it would help if you read these articles too.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Social Media?

Now affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online. And the best thing is affiliate marketing companies have changed their guidelines. Before, for affiliate marketing, you should have a blog or a website. But now you can start affiliate marketing without these things.

Social media become a very massive market for affiliate marketing. With social media, you can easily target a perfect audience for your affiliate program or product. So that’s why affiliate marketing or online stores have changed their policy.

Because you can sell a huge amount of products with social media platforms. And this is the thing all we need.

Social Media Role In Affiliate Marketing

So the best thing we need to know before starting affiliate marketing with social media. What is the role of social media in affiliate marketing?

Social media’s popularity has made it easier than ever to establish an audience and engage with potential customers. Social media networks such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube provide affiliate marketers with several chances to share their content, establish relationships, and promote their affiliate items.

The best thing about affiliate marketing with social media is. You can target a specific audience with your social media platforms. Algorithms are used by social media platforms to determine users’ interests and behavior patterns, making it easier for affiliate marketers to target individuals who are likely to be interested in their items.

Social media platforms also offer you a bunch of tools for you. That can make affiliate marketing very easy for you.

For Example, Instagram features such as shoppable posts and affiliate-friendly hashtags enable affiliate marketers to promote their products and services.

Social media plays a main role in affiliate marketing. As you know if we do affiliate marketing with a blog post. So we have to share our blog post on social media. That’s why social media is very important for affiliate marketing.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Niche

As you know niche is very important in every online earning platform. If you start blogging you have to decide your niche before you start your blog.

So you have to choose the right niche for doing affiliate marketing with social media platforms. This is very important. If you don’t know what niche is let me tell you in a short way.

What is the Niche?

Within a wider market, a niche is a narrow area of interest or competence. In other words, it’s a certain topic or area in which you specialize or have a keen interest. “Fitness for busy professionals” or “vegan skincare,” for example, might be considered niches within the larger health and beauty sectors.

So you have to choose your niche first. And this is not a very difficult decision. You just need to understand your social media page or profile. Like if your social media page is about “health or fitness” So this is your niche. You can now promote items that can relate to your niche.

Social Media Platforms To Start Affiliate Marketing

After all these, you need to know about the best and working social media platforms where you can start affiliate marketing. So in this section, you can get the best social media platforms. And with these platforms, you can make a huge amount of money.


The first platform is Instagram. Because Instagram has billions of active users. Instagram most popular platform in the world for affiliate marketing. With Instagram, you can get a genuine audience. And you can earn money with Instagram.

How you can do affiliate marketing with Instagram?

I can tell you step-by-step how you can start affiliate marketing with Instagram.

  • The first thing you have to do is select the niche and then create an Instagram account
  • Then you have to gain some followers
  • After getting followers you have to choose the best affiliate program.
  • Then you have to pick the product that you want to sell.
  • After that, you have to make a reel about that product. and give the affiliate link or your landing page on your bio.
  • then you can make money if someone goes through your affiliate link and purchase the item. You can get a commission.

If you want a full step-by-step guide for Instagram affiliate marketing Click Here. For more earning tips and tricks you should read this article too. Earn money with Instagram.


Pinterest is a visual discovery network with over 450 million monthly active users that is ideal for promoting products and increasing traffic to your affiliate links. It works especially well in sectors such as home design, fashion, and DIY. You can also use Pinterest for blogging.

How to do affiliate marketing with Pinterest?

  • Create your account on Pinterest
  • Set up your profile well
  • Then you have to create pin’s about your affiliate products

If you got good followers on Pinterest. Then this can be a very good social media platform to do affiliate marketing. I personally recommend this platform to do affiliate marketing.


YouTube is the best way to earn money. As you know you can earn money on youtube with Google AdSense. But until your Google AdSense is approved. You can earn money doing affiliate marketing in it.

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, with over two billion monthly active users. Because video content is so compelling, it’s an excellent platform for promoting affiliate items via lessons, product reviews, and other means.

How to do affiliate marketing with YouTube?

  • Sign up with your Gmail account
  • Then create your youtube channel
  • After that, you have to optimize your youtube channel
  • Then you have to create videos about your niche
  • After that, you can put your affiliate link in your description section. And mention this in your video.

If you don’t want to make videos on youtube. So you can easily copy and paste the videos. For example, You have to sell products for pets. So what you have to do is search for pet training videos on youtube. And then go to the filter and select “creative common”.

Then down this video, and do a little editing. And upload the video to your youtube channel. And then paste the affiliate link in the description. And that’s all you can earn money with it. But have to put some effort to make this work.


The first social media platform to do affiliate marketing is Facebook. Before you can only do affiliate marketing with Facebook pages. And Facebook has more than 2.8 billion active users. Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world.

And you can promote your products through paid advertisement and so on. And with this, you can earn a handsome amount of money. So what do you think?

How to do affiliate marketing with Facebook?

  • We all must have a Facebook account. So the first thing we have to do is create a Facebook page.
  • Then you have to optimize your Facebook page and invite your friend to join and follow your Facebook page.
  • After getting enough followers on your Facebook page. Then you can start your affiliate marketing with Facebook.
  • Choose your niche and then choose the affiliate programs.
  • And then start selling their products through your Facebook page.

Thousands of people making money with Facebook pages. They just do affiliate marketing on their Facebook pages. Just create a special page for your niche and start promoting your products.


As you know TikTok change many people’s life. They become rich with TikTok. So why don’t you? TikTok is a short-form video medium popular with younger audiences, with over one billion monthly active users. It’s an excellent venue for product promotion via creative, entertaining videos.

How to do affiliate marketing with TikTok?

  • Create your TikTok account.
  • Start creating short videos
  • Then start gaining followers
  • After that, you can start your affiliate marketing with TikTok
  • select the affiliate program, and select the items that you want to sell.
  • Then create a short video about the product. Like product’s pros and cons or specifications and reviews.
  • After that, you can put your landing page link on your TikTok profile.

If someone goes through your link and buys the product then you can get a commission. Don’t paste direct affiliate links to your profile. Just Create a landing page and there create some items or posts for your affiliate products.

So there are the top 5 social media platforms to do affiliate marketing with. If you can learn to handle these social media platforms. So guarantee you, You can earn up to $500 or more per month with these social media platforms doing affiliate marketing.

Frequently Aksed Quesetions

What social media should I use for affiliate marketing?

To do affiliate marketing with social media you can use, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest. These are the best platforms to do affiliate marketing.

Do I need social media for affiliate marketing?

It is not necessary that you will need social media for affiliate marketing. You can also do affiliate marketing without social media. But you can get a lot of traffic through social media or you can earn more money.

How much can I earn from affiliate marketing through social media?

You can easily earn $500 a month by doing affiliate marketing through social media. It depends on how many followers you have on your social media and how many people see your social media page.

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