Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Beginners

are you a blogger or a content writer? Do you write content for your website or do you want to grow your business? And you don’t have money for a keyword research tool. So don’t worry in this post I can tell you the best free keyword research tools for beginners.

If you have a website and you want to rank your website on google. So you know very well that keyword research is very important. For ranking websites on google, it contains many things. But one of these is that keyword research is very important for ranking websites.

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So you are a beginner. And you want the best free keyword research tools for yourself. Now in this post, I can tell you the best free keyword research tools for you. And I personally use these tools to get keywords for my website. So without further due let’s start.

Free Keyword Research Tools

#1 H-Supertools

H-supertools is the best free keyword research tool for you. Because this tool is totally free. This tool is offered by Hasan. And you can get the best ideas about your content with this tool. This tool’s data is similar to top keyword research tools. So you can try this tool for free. And now I can tell you how can you use this tool.

  • First of all, you have to sign up with your email address. And then you have to go for the keyword research tools section.
  • And then put your keyword on the box, Then fill the captcha and click “search”
  • After that, you can get your main keywords, Monthly search volume, Paid competition, CPC, and SEO difficulty.
  • And down below you can get related keywords of your main keywords and keywords ideas.
  • You can copy these keywords and use them in your content.

And this tool can provide many more services. But now this content is for free keyword research tools. So you have to check their all services on your own. So use these tools and find the best keywords for free.

#2 Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a great keyword research tool. As you know Neil Patel is the founder of the ubersuggest tool. This too has a premium plan. And the best thing is its plan is 90% cheaper than the semrush and ehrefs. And this tool has very good accuracy.

So what you can get in its free version? You can get 3 free searches in a day with its free version. And I think this is good for you. Because 3 searches is a good number. I can search may all the best keywords from ubersuggest. And then I can use their suggestion and note all the keywords. So you can try this to get the best keywords for yourself.

How can you use ubersuggest?

  • And then write your keyword and hit search.
  • After that, you can get your main keywords Search volume, SEO difficulty, Paid difficulty, and CPC.
  • Down below you can also get free keyword suggestions for your keyword. And you can use their suggestion in your content.

This is a very great free tool to get the best keywords for yourself. So use this tool and enjoy your work. And you can also get content ideas about your main keywords. So this is a cool free keyword research tool.

#3 WordStream

In the list of Free keyword research tools. WordStream is a very good keyword research tool. And this tool is supported by google. So you can get the best ideas about keywords with this keyword research tool.

You can get a lot of keyword ideas with this tool. And they use the google research method to get keywords. So you can get an idea of how much accuracy you can get with this tool.

You can use easily this tool. As another tool put your keyword and hit search to get your keyword details and more keyword ideas.

  • Enter a term or a website URL to receive hundreds of keyword results matched to your industry and area.
  • Accurate keyword volume and cost-per-click data assist you in targeting the best keywords and maximizing your marketing budget.
  • Download your complete keyword list for use in SEO content and search advertising campaigns.

This is a good free keyword research tool for beginners. So what are you waiting for try all these free keyword research tools and grow your business or your website?

#4 Keyword Surfer Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Surfer is a relatively new application that integrates directly into the Chrome web browser.
When enabled, results appear on the right side of your results page whenever you enter a search keyword.

Keyword Surfer provides the following information:

Keyword suggestions based on their volume

Each search term’s cost per click (CPC)

Pages that rank for the keyword you typed in

Traffic to the sites ranked 1–10 for that term

It’s a powerful keyword research tool that returns results while you navigate the web. There may be some glitches to iron out since this is a new technology. Data provided by the plugin may occasionally differ from data provided by other Google search tools. However, it is a quick and simple approach to getting content ideas.

#5 Keyworddit

Keyworddit harvests keywords from Reddit. Enter a specified subreddit with at least 10,000 subscribers and a period to utilize it. The program scans the titles and comments for up to 500 keywords with high search volumes.

The relevancy of the findings may vary due to the range of replies inside each subreddit. There is an option to choose high relevance, which somewhat slows down the tool.

Keyworddit is not meant to replace other keyword research tools, but it might be a fun addition to your current approach. Reddit is a prominent website where people with special interests may go deeply into a subject. It may discover keyword phrases and blog subjects that other search tools do not.

#6 KeySuggest Free Keyword Research Tool

This is a nice tool to get free keywords for yourself. This tool is very simple to use. And this tool can provide good data from google. So with the help of this free keyword research tool, you can get a good amount of keywords and keyword ideas for your content.

What data does this tool provide?

  • You can get your main keywords’ search volume
  • keyword difficulty
  • paid difficulty
  • CPC (Cost Per Click)

You can search your keyword with this tool by world or country, search engine, and language. And this tool can give you 50 searches in a day. So is think this tool is pretty cool for beginners.

#7 AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is a fantastic resource for seeing raw search insights. When you input your search term(s), it displays the questions that people have about that issue. The findings are shown graphically with all of the who, what, where, when, why, and other questions that users ask.

It’s an effective technique to develop keyword ideas and determine what your potential consumers want to know. The data may be downloaded as a graph or a list.

There is one disadvantage to using this tool: with a daily limit of three free searches, you must be careful with each term you search.

This tool is a very good tool for beginners. Because you can add questions and answers in your posts. And you can get organic traffic with it. Always try to add some questions and answers to your article or post. This is a very good source to generate organic traffic.

#8 TheHoth

The HOTH Google Keyword Planner Tool, powered by SEMrush, assists in the discovery of high-volume keywords and phrases related to your target keyword. Enter a term or keyword phrase below to begin your keyword research!

The Hoth is a very good free keyword research tool for beginners. And you can match its data with semrush and ehrefs data. This tool can get data from these paid keyword research tools. And provide the best data to you for free.

So you should try this tool. for your keyword research for free. And you can get good data from the hoth.

What Data Does The Hoth Provide?

  • You can see the competition of your keyword
  • monthly search volume of your keyword
  • your keyword’s difficulty index
  • your keywords cost per click. (CPC)

How To Use This Tool?

Finding the perfect keywords for your website might help you grow your online company. Google ranks websites according to how relevant they are to certain queries. The more keywords you rank for, the higher your pages or content will display in the SERPs (SERP).

With so many keywords available, you must conduct research. But how can you conduct comprehensive keyword research if you’re a small or medium-sized firm just getting started with SEO?

#9 Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is a visually appealing and well-designed keyword research tool. For each search word, you can view the monthly volume, organic difficulty, organic click-through rate (CTR), and a priority score.

The organic CTR shows how many individuals who search for the phrase click on one of the results. The priority score combines the difficulty, opportunity, and volume to provide a straightforward value that indicates how likely you are to rank for that search term.

Keyword Explorer provides a lengthy list of keyword recommendations for each phrase, along with monthly search volume and relevance.

The SERP analysis, which is also included with the free search results, provides you with a list of ten particular pages that rank for your desired phrase. You can view their title, URL, page authority, domain authority, and other information.

the number of backlinks to the page, as well as the number of backlinks to the root domain It’s simple to export results to a spreadsheet. Moz offers exceptional service. The disadvantage is that the free account is limited to 10 inquiries each month.

#10 Keyword Sheeter Free Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Sheeter retrieves Google autocomplete results. It provides real-time statistics on what individuals type into search engines.

Keyword Sheeter is a fantastic solution for quickly generating a huge list of keyword suggestions.
It generates roughly 1,000 ideas each minute and allows you to export your list for free.

It’s a simple and effective tool for coming up with blog subject ideas. Keyword Sheeter’s free services, however, do not offer search volume or data on how competitive it is to rank for a phrase.

So try all these free keyword research tools to get your content to grow. with the help of these free keyword research tools, you have to find the best keyword for yourself. Because it can’t work if you put any keyword in your post. Because google always ranked quality content.

So you have to find a good keyword with these free keyword research tools. Use all these free keyword research tools and compare your keywords and their data. And then optimize your keyword very gently in your post.

My personal suggestion is. If you are a beginner use these free keyword research tools. After that when you start earning with your work. Then purchase a good SEO tool for yourself. Because these paid SEO tools can provide you with many more services to grow your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google keyword research tool free?

Keyword Planner assists you in conducting keyword research for your Search campaigns. You may use this free tool to find new keywords related to your business and check the estimated search volume and cost to target them.

How do I get SEO keywords?

  • Locate terms with high search traffic potential.
  • Make sure your material is relevant to search intent.
  • Check that the term contains the phrase “business potential.”
  • Check that you can rank for the keyword.

How do I find organic keywords?

The first way is to utilize Google Analytics to locate organic keywords. These keywords may be found in Google Universal Analytics by going to the “Organic Search” section of the dashboard: ORGANIC SEARCH > ACQUISITION > ALL TRAFFIC > CHANNELS.

Is there a free version of Semrush?

Semrush-free users can use it for as long as they wish. You will not be asked for your bank account information, and you will not be charged for utilizing the free tools.

Is Google Keyword Planner accurate?

The fact is that Google’s Keyword Planner was never that accurate in the first place. Numbers were always rounded up to the nearest thousand, and they were merely estimates – not accurate statistics – therefore the Keyword Planner was useful for detecting estimations and providing guidance on your keyword strategy.

How do I find Google keywords?

In the toolbar at the top of the page, select the wrench symbol. Within Keyword Planner, you’ll find two tools: “Discover New Keywords” and “Get Search Volume and Forecasts.” These two tools are sufficient for generating hundreds of possible keywords for SEO-focused keyword research.

What are the 4 types of keywords?

When doing research to determine a user’s intent behind conducting a search, we may categorize all terms into four basic types of intent: commercial, transactional, informative, and navigational. We’ll define these kinds and provide a brief description of each.